7 Ways to Make Blur Photos Clearer

The development of smartphone photography is currently increasingly sophisticated, both in terms of hardware related to lens specifications, as well as in terms of supporting features that are increasingly complete.

Despite being so sophisticated, there are several reasons why photos taken with smartphones look blurry and unsatisfactory. Moreover, if the photo taken is a photo of an important moment and cannot be repeated, a blurry photo will certainly eliminate the impression that is remembered at that moment.

However, don't worry, it turns out that there are several ways that can help you improve the quality of your photos to make them look HD. Here Teknologi.id summarizes 7 ways to clarify blurry photos so that they can be as clear as HD photos using a smartphone application.

7 Apps to Turn Blur Photos into HD Photos

To make blurry photos clearer for HD photos, you just need to download one of the apps below.

1. Remember

The Remini application is able to convert blurry photos to HD in a simple and easy way. With just one tap, your photos look sharper and smoother like they were taken with a professional camera.

2. Snapseed

This application is able to convert blurry photos to HD using the Sharpening feature. You can adjust the Sharpen feature in this app as you like to fix blurry photos to make them look HD. Not surprisingly, this application is said to be suitable for use by professionals.

There are various features in this application that can improve photo quality. For example Sharpening Tool, Clarity, to Magic Wand. The most recommended feature is Sharpening, where you can adjust the sharpness of the image so that it doesn't look blurry.

4. PicsArt

In addition to adding stickers and effects, this application is also able to convert blurry photos to HD. The key is to use the Enhance and Curves features to improve clarity and contrast

5. Pixlr

The excellent feature of this application is Photo Focusing. Capable of smoothing and sharpening the blurry photos you take so they are worthy of uploading with results that are almost on par with HD photos!

6. Afternoon Lights

This application has more than 15 features of Adjustment Tool that can give HD look to your photos. Try changing it to find the right formula for your blurry photos to be as sharp as HD photos.

This million people app is not designed to improve photo quality. However, the Sharpening Tool in the VSCO app does a great job of giving your photos an HD look.