Complete Guide to Cultivating Apples for Fast Fruiting

Apples are one type of fruit that are in great demand by local people of any kind.

For this reason, the apple business can be very profitable and to be able to produce apples with good quality, we must first learn how to cultivate apples so that they can provide maximum results and of course can provide abundant harvests of course.


How to Cultivate Apples

Various apple cultivation techniques can be studied carefully so that we can actually start apple cultivation better and of course produce a good harvest too.

We can start learning from sowing, planting, caring for, and finally harvesting apples. Well, here are important things you need to know about apples and how to care for apple trees so that they grow well and provide quality results.

Apple Nursery

Apple seedlings can be done vegetatively and also generatively. But for better results, sexual reproduction is better than sexual reproduction because sexual reproduction often diverges from the parent.

Propagation sexually by using seeds and vegetative propagation by cuttings or grafting. Choose apples with rootstock needs and a large yard.

Trees must be sturdy and have high adaptability, superior traits must be seen and this is mandatory. Seeds can be selected and there are several types of seeds that we can find.

The first is a sapling which is a shoot from an apple plant. Shoots should be from productive apple trees and up to 30 cm high. Saplings can be pulled out and cut into branches and immediately planted in beds that have a width of 60 cm and a depth of 40 cm.

The second is shoots where apple plants with elongated stems stick to the ground and are stacked until finally new shoots appear, after 4 months the shoots can be cut.

The third is cuttings, which is getting apple seeds by cuttings. The trick is to do one apple branch with a length of 20 cm and then dip the bottom into the Roton F solution which serves to increase root growth faster and better, of course.

Land Preparation And Planting

The land that will be used to grow apples is land with good nutritional content.

Usually before planting apples, it is processed first by mixing manure so that the soil conditions are better. And don't forget to choose a soil with a moderate pH, which is no more than 6.

Watering is also necessary to maintain soil moisture so that it is better for apple plant seeds.

For self-cultivation, apple plants should be planted periodically. The recommended distance is about 2-3 meters. But maybe for certain varieties it will be a little different.

For how to plant an apple tree, the seeds are ready to be inserted into the holes provided and compact the soil around the seedlings so they don't wobble.

Apple Plant Care

Seedlings that have been planted can be cared for properly. Caring for apple plants is easy and difficult and you can fertilize and water the plants regularly so that the apple plants can grow well.

Now the apple plant itself also needs to be pruned because there may be parts of branches and shoots that are not productive. Spraying pesticides is also important to avoid pests that damage crops and fruit. This will make maximum results later.

Hopefully this review of How to Cultivate Apples to Fruit Fast can be useful and beneficial for all of you.