How to Enlarge Low Resolution Photos Easily

Who is often annoyed when the image or photo on a smartphone or computer has a small resolution? Either your smartphone camera is not good or the image you downloaded is small.

Low image resolution occurs because the large image size is not balanced with the number of pixels it has. Simply put, the number of pixels is too few.

Correcting low resolution images requires a sophisticated photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

However, you don't need to worry because ApkVenue will tell you how to improve the quality of low-resolution photos in a simple way.

If you've ever searched, surely there are lots of tutorials on how to improve the quality of photos on the Internet using Adobe Photoshop.

However, many of you may not be able to operate an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop. With the websites and applications that ApkVenue recommends, you can increase the resolution while improving image quality.

The image will be enlarged without forcibly enlarging the pixels. Instead, Artificial Intelligence will fill in the blank pixels so the image doesn't lose detail and quality when zoomed in.

Without further ado, here's an easy way to improve the quality of photos on your desktop (PC or Laptop) and smartphone.

How to Improve Image Quality on PC/Laptop

If you're on a desktop and want to enlarge your photos and improve their quality, you don't need to be confused because there are many free websites that can help you.

1. Waifu2x Website

Waifu2x uses advanced algorithms to smooth the edges of pixels so that photos you edit using this website will not be pixelated or blurry.

You can access the Waifu2x website via your smartphone or laptop. This method is very easy and practical, gang.

Step 1. Open the Waifu2x Site

In your search engine, you can write in the search field, then press Enter.

After entering the main page of the website, click Choose File to select the desired photo.

How to Enlarge Image 1

Step 2. Adjust Image As You Want

After you finish selecting the desired image, you can adjust it beforehand to improve the image quality.

There are 3 Noise Reduction options, namely None, Medium, and High. Jaka's advice, choose the High option to get the best quality.

Then, in the Scale option there are 2 more options, gang. You can choose None or 2x. If Jaka still recommends choosing 2x so that the image size is also bigger.

Check the list in the box that says I am not a robot for verification.

Once you have finished customizing the image of your choice, you can start editing the image by pressing the Waifu2x button located below.

How to Enlarge Image 2

Step 3 - Enlarge Image

You need to wait a while until the image you uploaded is processed by the website.

After processing, you can save the image by selecting PNG or JPG. For better image quality and not easily broken, you can choose PNG.

You will be redirected to a new page. Download the edited image so you can save it.

Step 4 - Done

Your photos that have low quality now have a greater resolution and of course increased image sharpness. Very easy isn't it, gang?

2. Let's Fix Website

The next way that you can follow is to use the free website Let's Enhance. This method is also practical and easy as above.

Step 1 - Go to Let's Enhance Website

Go to the website to get started

After entering the website page, click on the words Click here to upload image to upload image.

Enlarge Image Let's Boost 1

Step 2 - Enlarge Image

Select the image you want to start the process with.

On the next menu there are several Upscalling and Enhancement options, select the Photos and Art option on the Upscalling menu if the image you want is a photo.

You can also select Illustration if the image you want to increase the resolution for is a cartoon or illustration.

Enlarge Image Let's Boost 2

Select Advanced settings to select the size you want. Unfortunately, for free users, you can only enlarge the image size up to 4x.

After selecting, click Start Processing to start the process of enlarging the image.

Step 3 - Saving Photos

You are required to create a free account before using this website feature. Free users can only enlarge images on this website 5 times.