Recipes and Tips for Making Soft Bread

Bread is a food that is often consumed in the morning, as a substitute for rice or other carbohydrates. Bread is very practical for consumption, for people who do not have time to make breakfast.

Bread is rich in fiber, carbohydrates and protein. This makes the stomach full and controls appetite. Bread is also often consumed by diet fighters, and served as lunch.

Bread has a soft and tender texture, which is often sold in the market at an affordable price. However, Friends of Fimela can also make their own white bread at home, with minimal ingredients. Here are recipes and tips for making white bread.

Causes of Failed to Make Bread

Although white bread is very easy to make at home, there are several possibilities that make white bread dough fail. Usually, white bread that fails to make is caused by the yeast used is not active, thus making the white bread dough inelastic and not soggy.

Failed white bread will look paler. This is because the fire used is not hot enough, so the amount of sugar and butter in the dough is not enough. Using too much flour can make the bread tough, or too much water can make the bread less pliable.

Bread dough that is not ground, usually the texture of the center of the bread will be hollow and the middle is not cooked evenly. Then if the taste of white bread is too sour, this is because the dough uses too much yeast and the fermentation process takes a long time.

Tips for Making Soft Bread

Tips to make the texture of white bread softer is to use a bread improver and a bread emulsifier. These two ingredients will make the texture of the bread fluffy and soft, although without using these two ingredients the bread will still rise.

The next tip is to pour ice water into the dough little by little, until all the dough is well mixed and becomes smooth. You can cut the dough with a knife, so the white bread fibers look neater.

When forming the dough, make sure to shape it into a round to make it more beautiful and knead for 10 minutes. While baking, place the dough on a baking sheet and place it on the top rack of the oven. Don't forget to put hot water on the bottom rack of the oven.