Steps for Planting Dragon Fruit for Fast Fruiting

The technique of growing dragon fruit is actually simple. Good for cultivation in the garden and in pots.

It's just that, some people forget the important part at the beginning so that after a few years the dragon fruit tree does not bear fruit.

Usually dragon fruit can bear fruit after 7 -10 months. If lucky 5 months already bear fruit.

Dragon fruit cultivation

There are also those who choose seeds carefully, but fail to bear fruit or even stem rot due to pests and diseases.

There are a lot of writings about how to cultivate dragon fruit on the internet or books, it's just that they are usually incomplete or out of date.

Various literatures, books, videos, direct practice from the perpetrators, and the latest research on this fruit I collect to present you about how to cultivate dragon fruit that is fast, long-lived, and profitable.

Let's get started.

1. Know the Dragon Fruit You Will Plant

In Indonesia there are 6 types of dragon fruit. Red, white, super red, yellow, people and black. Either way, it's still profitable.

The most widely planted species are red and white dragon fruit. The most expensive on the market and small in size is the yellow dragon fruit.

The easiest fruit to grow is the white dragon fruit. Meanwhile, what is currently popular among farmers is the super red dragon fruit.

If you haven't decided what type of dragon fruit you will plant, please read: 6 Types of Dragon Fruit, you can also see the success stories of dragon fruit farmers and pay attention to what type of fruit they grow.

2. How to Make Dragon Fruit Seeds

There are two ways to make seeds, namely by generative (from seeds) and vegetative (cuttings).

I highly recommend choosing the vegetative method (cuttings) because the results are definitely the same as the parent and bear fruit quickly. You just choose a good parent and take care of the seeds.

If the generative method other than the results can be different from the parent, a special breeding place is needed, this is rarely done.

To get the perfect fruit, you have to choose a good mother plant. The nature of the parent will be passed on to the offspring, including the fruit.

Buying Seeds

Well, if it's your first time planting dragon fruit and you don't have a dragon fruit tree parent, I suggest buying dragon fruit seeds.

choose a good seed with its characteristics

Sprouts at least four

Seedling age 2 months or more

Seed height (including new shoots) at least 50cm, even better if 80cm

healthy green stems, no signs of disease

Ask the seller, how many times has the parent produced fruit, a good parent has produced at least 3 times?

If you buy through Tokopedia, be sure to read previous buyer reviews

Making Your Own Dragon Fruit Seeds: How To Cut

Here's how to make your own dragon fruit seeds with the cutting method:

Look for a good parent, namely: never bear fruit at least 4 times, large diameter (some suggest 8cm), minimum length of 80cm. Look for stems that are grayish green, healthy looking, tough and old. Candidate seeds cannot be rotten or sick

Cut the stems that are 80-120 cm long, leaving 20% ​​of the parent to continue growing, of which 80% for us to make seeds. Each seed tries to have at least 4 budding candidates.

Then, cut the stems to be cut with a length of 20-30 cm each. The top of the stem is cut flat and the bottom is cut tapered. This bottom base will later be plugged into the ground.

dip the bottom in a fungicide to avoid disease, some replace the fungicide with shallots.

Apply a root stimulant at the base of the rootstock, then plug it into the bed or polybag containing the planting medium as deep as 5 cm.

A good planting medium is made of compost, soil, and rice husks with a ratio of 2: 1: 1/2

Make a shield or shade to cover the dragon fruit stem cuttings from the hot sun.

Cuttings are watered at least 2 times a day, morning and evening.

At 3 weeks of age, you can open the shade when the first shoots have grown. This is so that sunlight can fully provide its light.

After the shoots are 2 months old or about 50-80 cm high, you can transfer them to a climbing pole.

If the dragon fruit seeds are still small, wait until they are 3 months old, if the tuna does not appear, assume the seeds are not functioning.