Criteria for making an ideal cowshed

If you want to start a cattle farming business, the first thing to prepare is a cowshed. You need to know, making a cowshed should not be arbitrary. The reason is that beef cattle cages are different from dairy cow cages.

If you are in the beef cattle business, especially cattle fattening, what you will be raising are bulls. You need to know that there are more males than females. For that, the bulls must be separated from each other. The reason is, if the bulls are combined in one cage, they will definitely fight.

Therefore, the cowsheds are separated from each other. In contrast to dairy cows, which only keep females, tend to be docile and easier to manage than males.

Making cages for males requires a minimum cage width of about 1.5 × 2 meters. To be more ideal and spacious, the cage can be made with a size of 2 × 2 meters. So for 4 feeders, 16 m2 of vacant land is needed. The height from the ground to the feed is approximately 90 cm.

There are also people who often make 60 cm. Actually there is no standard reference, depending on the type and age that we will maintain. The height of the beef barn from floor to ceiling, ideally around 2 meters so that the farmer does not have to bend over when entering.

The slope of the floor is also something that must be considered. This is because to make it easier to clean livestock manure. The floor should be raised at the head about 15 cm so that by spraying the floor a little can be cleaned.

Remember also that the floor of the cage if you want cement must use coarse cement, not fine cement. Because the smooth cement will make the cow slip easily and can cause cracks in the cow.

Around the cage there are drains, the width of the trench is at least 30 cm and made of cement. Do not get into the habit of throwing the rest of the animal feed into the ditch, to avoid standing water due to clogged drains. Stagnant water will only become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The roofing material should be made of asbestos or thatch roof. Zinc roofing is not good for beef cattle because during the day the temperature inside the barn can be very hot. Try to circulate the air as smoothly as possible. If necessary, no walls are too high. The pens can be built facing north or south because beef cattle do not need to be exposed to the sun all day.

Don't forget to prepare cage equipment such as drinking water and feed. This feature can be made permanent. Permanent drinking containers must have a drain. Meanwhile, the permanent feeder should be made of cement with a concave tub shape, so that the rest of the feed is easy to clean. Concentrate containers should only be portable.