How to Clean Ears Correctly

Did you know that how to clean your ears should not be arbitrary? The reason is, the ear is a very sensitive organ and needs to be careful in cleaning it. So how do you clean your ears properly? Find the answer below.

How to clean ears

The correct way to clean the ears is to use ear drops. Ear drops will help the earwax out. How to use it is to incubate it into the ear and make sure it really goes into the ear canal. You can get ear drops easily at the nearest drug store or pharmacy.

Using olive oil

In addition to using ear drops, you can also use olive oil or baby oil. You can use olive oil or baby oil to moisten the inside of the ear that is too dry. The method is quite easy, namely incubate olive oil into the ear and wait for 5 minutes. This method usually takes a long time for the dirt to come out by itself.


The last way to clean the ears properly is to regularly check with an ENT doctor. By visiting an ENT doctor, your ears will be cleaned professionally. In addition to cleaning your ears, you should always have your ears checked by an ENT doctor at least once a month. This is to ensure the inner ear is always healthy.

Wrong way to clean ears

In addition to how to clean the right ear, it turns out that there are still many who do the wrong way to clean the ears. Some of the following ways you may often do.

Using cotton buds

Cleaning the ears using cotton buds is very common and may be considered correct. However, this method is wrong and dangerous. This is because it is feared that cotton buds that are too deep will get stuck in the ear or injure the eardrum. Basically ear wax can come out by itself without having to be scraped.

Cleaning your ears too often

The next wrong way to clean your ears is to clean your ears too often. As mentioned earlier, earwax can actually come out on its own so it doesn't need to be cleaned often. New earwax should be removed if there is a problem with the ear, such as ear pain or a sensation of fullness in the ear.

How to clean the wrong ear is quite popular, namely ear candles. This one method is to use wax to remove wax in the ear. Although this method of cleaning the ears is popular and is believed to have many benefits, there are no studies that explain the effectiveness of this method in cleaning the ears.

What is earwax?

Once you know how to clean your ears right and wrong, then you also need to know what earwax actually is. Many think that yellow fluid in the ear is earwax. While the search has a function to prevent infection, protect the eardrum and also moisturize the ear canal. The sticky fluid structure will catch various foreign objects that enter the ear.

That way, the fluid that is considered as earwax is the ear's way of keeping the ear function working optimally. In addition, earwax will not clog the auditory canal and does not need to be cleaned. This is because when you move your jaw, the dirt will run out and fall.

However, the use of cotton buds or fingers that are often inserted into the ear, can cause earwax to be pushed inward. This is what makes ear wax can not come out by itself and get stuck in the ear.

Well, that's some information on how to clean the right and wrong ears. Basically the ear does not need to be cleaned because the ear wax can come out by itself. In addition, too little earwax can also cause infection because nothing can prevent foreign objects from entering.