How to Smooth Dull Palms

Rough skin on the palms is common. Usually this disorder occurs together with dry skin conditions.

Don't worry, the following methods can help smooth rough skin on the palms of your hands.

How to smooth rough palm skin

Not only does it make you look rough, rough palm skin certainly makes you uncomfortable.

For example, when you touch something, such as clothes or cloth or even when you shake hands with someone else.

Although quite annoying, this condition can be easily overcome. You can follow several ways to smooth rough palms below.

1. Don't wash your hands too often with soap

Hand washing is part of a healthy life. However, this habit should not be done excessively.

The recommended way to wash your hands is to use soap and warm water. Unfortunately, both can leave your hands vulnerable to roughness.

Exposure to chemicals and hot water can reduce moisture, making your skin dry.

For that, you must be wise when washing your hands so that this method can smoothen rough palms again.

Wash your hands sparingly, such as before and after eating, after cleaning something, or after using the toilet.

When washing your hands, don't rub them too hard. Do a slow and gentle massage between the fingers.

2. Choose the right cleaning product

In addition to improper hand washing habits, dry palms can also be caused by products that are too harsh for the hands. In order for your rough palms to become smooth again, you just need to replace the product with a safer one.

You may want to choose a cleanser that is free of alcohol, fragrance, and dye. Also choose products that are labeled hypoallergenic which may be safer for sensitive skin.

3. Frequent use of moisturizer

Rough skin is caused by dry skin conditions. So, how to smooth rough palms, of course, is to use moisturizing products frequently. You may need a special moisturizing product formulated for the skin of your hands, namely hand cream.

Well, wearing a moisturizer is not only after bathing. If your skin is dry and rough, apply it to your hands as needed. For example, after you wash your hands.