How to Take Care of Car Spark Plugs to Last

The spark plug component in a car is a very important part and cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to and care for the spark plug components of the car so as not to cause various problems.

Given, spark plugs that are not maintained, will certainly trigger various obstacles, especially in the combustion system. Which will have a strong impact on several other components so that it will interfere with driving comfort.

So, because of the importance of taking care of the spark plugs in the car, then you must understand how to care for the correct car spark plugs so that they are durable and long lasting.

How to Care for Car Spark Plugs

The reason is, not a few car owners complain about the condition of the spark plugs that are easily damaged even though they have just been replaced. This is of course triggered by the lack of maintenance on this one component.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for car owners, especially beginners, to know how to care for car spark plugs.

Well, about that, this time Mas Sena will share tips on how to care for car spark plugs to make them last that you can do yourself at home.

Immediately check the condition of the spark plug if it rains

As a component that plays a role in converting high-voltage electrical energy into sparks, the presence of spark plugs is very important in a car so it needs attention.

Related to this, there are several steps that you need to understand in implementing how to care for car spark plugs. Where, several steps for maintenance of spark plugs on the car, Mas Sena will describe in the following explanation.

Car Spark Plug Maintenance Tips

Check the Physical Condition of Car Spark Plugs Routinely

First, the thing you need to do as a way of caring for car spark plugs is to check the physical condition of the spark plugs on the car which is done regularly.

You can do this once a month. Where, to check the spark plugs of this car, the goal is to find out in detail the condition of the latest car spark plugs.

Check the car spark plugs in detail. If there are dirty parts, clean the spark plugs using a cloth or sandpaper slowly so that the burning process is complete.

However, if the condition of the car's spark plugs starts to wear out which looks like charred, then immediately replace the car's spark plugs with new ones.

Clean Dirty Spark Plugs

Second, how to care for car spark plugs is to clean the car spark plug itself. This is done when the condition of the spark plug looks dirty.

Well, for how to clean car spark plugs yourself, you need to prepare tools and materials, namely gasoline, sandpaper, wire brush or toothbrush.

The first step is to soak the spark plug in the gasoline bath for 10 minutes so that the dirt in the form of crust is released from the spark plug.

If so, then brush the spark plug using a toothbrush or sandpaper on the dirty part so that the crust that is still attached will be lost/separated from the spark plug.

Especially for the electrodes, if they still look dirty, clean them with sandpaper until they are clean.

Then, dry the spark plug with aerated or by using an air compressor. Avoid drying in direct sunlight because it will damage the quality of the spark plug.

Adjust the Electrode Distance Correctly

Furthermore, how to care for car spark plugs to make them more durable is that you have to adjust the distance of the electrodes on the car spark plugs.

This electrode distance setting is intended so that later when the car is started, the sparks needed are as needed.