How to Take Care of an Old Motorcycle

Caring for Old Motorcycles - It is undeniable, in the midst of the hectic new motorbikes, of course, there are still many old motorbike enthusiasts.

The number of old motorcycle enthusiasts is what makes the classic motorcycle output last year still have a fairly high price that is quite competitive.

No doubt, classic two-wheeled vehicles are now also a trend in some circles of the community of old motorcycle lovers.

If you are a fan of classic motorbikes and want to buy a used motorbike, of course it would be better if you learn a little more about how to care for or care for it.

The reason is, with the age of classic motorbikes which are certainly "legendary", the maintenance steps will be slightly different from the latest motorbikes at this time.

Where, understanding how to care for a classic motorbike is certainly a step to keep the old motorbike in prime even though it has been eaten by age.

Well, through this article, Mas Sena will share tips, especially for fans of classic motorcycles. Where information will be presented on how to take steps or how to care for an old motorbike with simple and easy steps so that its performance is maintained so that it is always prime.

How to maintain the performance of the old motorbike so that it is always fierce and prime, of course, it takes some special steps that are clearly different from the maintenance steps on the latest motorbikes. Here's the full explanation. Come on, let's see together.

Classic Motorcycle Maintenance

Take care of spare parts so they don't rust

Although classic motorcycles have a timeless appeal, of course you have to take care of some components that are prone to corrosion.

Corrosion or rust is a problem for most older motorcycles. Considering that almost every component of an old-school motorcycle is dominated by an iron frame.

Therefore, take care of every spare part made of iron from rust or corrosion. Thus, will minimize the level of porous.

Especially if the motor is often exposed to water, such as rainwater for example. Make sure to always dry scrap metal motorcycle parts so they don't rust easily.

Including the condition of the motorcycle chain that must always be lubricated with special chain oil. The reason is, the chain is easy to rust if it is rarely lubricated with a special chain lubricant.

Always Check Motorcycle Battery

You need to understand that the battery on a motorcycle is certainly one of the most vulnerable parts, be it a new or old motorcycle.

In some cases, when the condition of the battery is too old and often has problems, it is better to replace the old battery with a new battery.

Of course, the battery must match the specifications of the old motor that you have so that in the future it can become a power source whose capacity is according to needs.

If you are reluctant to replace a new battery, of course you can also buy a battery charger to recharge it from time to time.

Because, it is undeniable that if the battery is not recharged, the performance of the motor's electrical system will be disrupted. In fact, in the worst case, some parts of the motor can be damaged.

Therefore, always make sure your old motorcycle battery is in top condition. Given, motorcycle batteries that have been eaten by age will wear out faster.

Here you are required to always check the motorcycle battery on your classic vehicle so that the electrical system of your old motorcycle is always in top condition.

Check Cylinders and Pistons Regularly

In addition, the mandatory maintenance of old motorcycles that you need to do is to always regularly maintain the condition of the cylinders and pistons.

One of them is by routinely always providing lubricant to the cylinders and pistons before the motor is used.

Not without reason, considering that these two important components are closely related to the performance of your old motorcycle engine. So, you must be diligent in maintaining the conditions so that the engine performance remains excellent and the motor remains comfortable to drive.

Moreover, the condition of the pistons and cylinders on old motorcycles will certainly be easily damaged due to usage factors. So herein lies the importance of always maintaining the condition of the pistons and cylinders


How to Take Care of Old Motorcycle Engines

Replace Damaged Spare Parts

On the other hand, in maintaining the performance of an old motorcycle, you must always check the details of each component.

If any spare parts are indicated to be damaged, it is highly recommended to immediately replace them with new spare parts.

Of course, the spare parts used are original parts so that the performance of your old motorbike is not disturbed.

This step is one of the efforts to reduce or minimize the level of more severe damage. Especially the trouble-prone part.